Capitol Comments – 2/1/2018

We have reached the end of our first month of session and this past week has been the busiest of the month. The condition of the budget is getting steadily worse and I have stayed very busy meeting with FFA students from my District and young Democrats from across Iowa!
Late last week the Senate introduced SSB 1018, the de-appropriations bill. This bill cuts roughly 52 million dollars from Iowa’s already suffering budget. This money takes a huge swing at the Board of Regents, community colleges, and Health and Human Services. This is unacceptable. For colleges and universities this means cutting staff, raising tuition, or possibly both. These institutions are already suffering and we cannot allow this to happen anymore!
After a great Listening Post at the Independence Public Library last week, I am really looking forward to having another two Listening Posts this weekend: Em’s Coffee at 9 AM in Independence and at Common Grounds Coffee at 11 AM in Lamont!
Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to about 100 people at Fayette County’s Pints and Politics Event and it was great to see a crowd so energized about 2018 and to hear from some incredible candidates for office!

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