Capitol Comments – 2/8/2018

Week five is has come to a close and there has been one consistent issue this week and that has been funding. The Senate debated Senate File 2117, the house debated how much supplemental aid to give public schools, and the house also debated a Senate amendment to House File 2230.
SF 2117 which would cut 5.4 million from community colleges, 19.3 million from the Board of Regents, and 1.8 million from the Department of Education. This bill would also cuts 9.9 million dollars from the Department of Human Services. This bill also hits one big section of our state, our workforce. The bill transfers all 7 million dollars from the Skilled Worker and Job Creation Fund (SWJCF) to the general fund of Iowa.
On Wednesday morning, the House debated, voted, and passed HF 2230 which provided a 1% supplement to public schools for the fiscal year 2019. The house also debated, voted, and struck down an amendment to make the amount 3% in supplemental aid to schools.
On Thursday, the House debated the Senate amendment to HF 2230 which added 11.3 million dollars for transportation inequity and 2.9 million to District Cost Per Pupil.
This is a woefully inadequate bill that, despite more money per pupil, under funds our public schools. The District Cost Per Pupil for the State of Iowa is just over 1,100 dollars below the national average.

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