Capitol Comments – 2/15/2018

This past week was a very busy week on the hill; it was funnel week. Funnel week is to narrow down the number of bills that are eligible for debate. There were two hour block schedules every day this week for committee meetings to discuss and debate bills to go to the house floor. Besides committee meetings, the Republicans have advanced some legislation that are bad for Iowans such cutting funding to our state universities and community colleges; depleting the funding for Iowa Skilled Worker Job Creation Fund completely; and a 6.2 million dollar cut to Human Services.

You talked, I have listened. I have had some great Listening Posts and heard your stories, your struggles, and your concerns. I have received quite a few of your surveys back and I wanted to share the results!

100% of respondents believe that we should allocate more resources to mental health
84% of respondents do not believe that we shoulder allocate public money to private schools
91% of respondents believe Medicaid should not be privatized
92% of respondents do not believe that we should continue to pass tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy
95% of respondents believe that college should be more affordable
92% of respondents believe we should keep IPERS safe
91% of respondents believe that we should move towards more renewable sources of energy to create jobs
92% of respondents believe that we should not divert funds from education to water
61% of respondents believe that we should raise the minimum wage.

I want to thank you for all who participated in the survey! These surveys provide me with direction on what will be best and to understand what is important to our district.

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