Capitol Comments – 3/1/2018

After a debate filled week last week, we welcomed yet another week full of debate. The senate passed some disappointing bills this week, with the most disappointing, being a brand new tax plan that is not going to help Iowans.
In the House, we passed many bipartisan bills that are good for Iowans; the only issue is they do not go nearly far enough to support Iowans. That being said, Republicans want it to be known that there is bipartisanship happening in the House, however it is bipartisanship on bills that are incredibly insufficient. Bipartisanship is important to us all, but running a bunch of feel good bills with little substance is not the kind of bipartisanship you folks have asked me to facilitate.
Iowa Republicans have not yet managed to balance the budget, but are still putting money in the pockets of millionaires and corporations. The republican lead senate passed 790 million dollars in tax breaks to special interests and corporations. According to a non-partisan analysis the bill will cost the state 1.1 billion dollars annually. We have seen the negative impacts of a tax cut like this in states like Kansas, where they are now drowning in debt trying to make up the difference. Iowa is already in a budget crisis and we no longer have sufficient funds in our “rainy-day” account to dig ourselves out of this crisis. Despite all of the issues with our budget, republicans insist on giving away more and more money, and it is not to middle-class Iowans.

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